Division 1 Greeley Contacts


Division 1 Main Office (Greeley)

1809 56th Avenue
Greeley, CO 80634
Phone: (970) 352-8712

Appointments & Walk-in Hours

Sterling Office
(Water Districts 1 & 64)

100 Broadway, Ste. 1-D
Sterling, CO 80751
Phone: (970) 522-5390

This Section provides leadership to assist staff in meeting the division's public mission.

Job TitleFull NameE-Mail AddressBusiness Phone
Division EngineerCorey DeAngelisCorey.DeAngelis@state.co.us(970) 352-8712 Ext. 1204
Lead Assistant Division EngineerMichael HeinMichael.Hein@state.co.us(970) 352-8712 Ext. 1219
Assistant Division EngineerAliyah SantistevanAliyah.Santistevan@state.co.us(970) 352-8712 Ext. 1212
Water Resource SpecialistLiam CumminsLiam.Cummins@state.co.us(970) 352-8712 Ext. 1208
Compact and River Operations CoordinatorJorge VidalJorge.Vidal@state.co.us(970) 520-0497
Tabulation / Diversion Records CoordinatorLouis FlinkLouis.Flink@state.co.us(970) 352-8712 Ext. 1229
Office ManagerVacant (contact Corey DeAngelis)Corey.DeAngelis@state.co.usN/A
Technician IIShanna ColemanShanna.Coleman@state.co.us(970) 522-5390 Ext. 1262
Office Assistant & Groundwater Data Technician- South Platte & RepublicanRoslyn SpanglerRoslyn.Spangler@state.co.us(970) 352-8712 Ext. 1200

This Section provides administration and coordination of all replacement plans whether approved via Decreed Plan for Augmentation, Substitute Water Supply Plan, or other legally available options.  The team is responsible for administration and enforcement of all applicable terms and conditions.

Job TitleFull NameE-Mail AddressBusiness PhoneAlternate Phone
Accounting Operations LeadTravis TynerTravis.Tyner@state.co.us(970) 352-8712 Ext. 1214N/A
Accounting CoordinatorVacant (contact Travis Tyner)Travis.Tyner@state.co.us(970) 352-8712 Ext. 1214N/A
Water Accounting & Tech SpecialistGeorge RoarkGeorge.Roark@state.co.us(970) 352-8712 Ext. 1242N/A
Aug Plan Auditor & Accounting Operations SpecialistDonna Hope HillDonnajo.hope-hill@state.co.us(970) 352-8712 Ext. 1215N/A
Aug Plan Auditor & Accounting Operations SpecialistBrianna KrauserBrianna.Krauser@state.co.us(970) 352-8712 Ext. 1216N/A

This section consists of two units; the Design Review and Construction Inspection Unit and the Dam Safety Engineering Unit.  The two principal duties of the team are to determine the safe storage level of the reservoir dams in the state and to approve the plans and specifications for the construction and repair of Jurisdictional dams. 

Job Title Full Name E-Mail Address Business Phone
Dam Safety Engineer John Batka John.Batka@state.co.us (970) 217-9383
Dam Safety Engineer Kallie Bauer Kallie.Bauer@state.co.us (970) 420-4539
Dam Safety Engineer Jim Kirch Jim.Kirch@state.co.us (614) 975-2623
Dam Safety Engineer Brian McCormick Brian.c.Mccormick@state.co.us (719) 248-3876

This section conducts compact and rules compliance inspections, field investigations and groundwater well inventories

Job TitleFull NameE-Mail AddressBusiness PhoneAlternate Phone
Lead Groundwater Commissioner - South PlatteKyle BobstKyle.Bobst@state.co.us(970) 222-9933N/A
Deputy Groundwater Commissioner - South PlatteMerritt CollinsMerritt.Collins@state.co.us(970) 692-4756N/A
Deputy Groundwater Commissioner - South PlatteJasmyn LutzJasmyn.Lutz@state.co.us(970) 786-0371N/A
Deputy Well Commissioner (Sterling Office)- South PlatteMelissa BlaisMelissa.Blais@state.co.us(970) 502-9597  N/A
Groundwater Data Technician & Office Assistant- South Platte & RepublicanRoslyn SpanglerRoslyn.Spangler@state.co.us(970) 352-8712 Ext. 1200N/A
Lead Groundwater Commissioner - Republican Chris KuceraChris.Kucera@state.co.us(970) 630-6573(970) 352-8712
Deputy Groundwater Commissioner - Republican Devin RidnourDevin.Ridnour@state.co.us(970) 630-1120(970) 352-8712
Deputy Groundwater Commissioner - RepublicanMatt BlechaMatt.Blecha@state.co.us(970) 630-6576(970) 352-8712
Deputy Groundwater Commissioner - Republican BreAnn ReedBreann.Ferguson@state.co.us(970) 630-3131(970) 352-8712
Deputy Groundwater Commissioner - RepublicanBrandi BaqueraBrandi.Baquera@state.co.us(970) 815-1331(970) 352-8712

This section provides real-time gauging station data for lakes, reservoirs, ponds, rivers, streams and canals throughout Colorado and published stream flow data. 

Job TitleFull NameE-Mail AddressBusiness Phone
Lead HydrographerRussell StroudRussell.Stroud@state.co.us(970) 381-6311
HydrographerLee CunningLee.Cunning@state.co.us(970) 381-6358
HydrographerPatrick TylerPatrick.Tyler@state.co.us(970) 381-5296
HydrographerMatt RuschMatt.Rusch@state.co.us(970) 301-0850
HydrographerKalli HatchellKalli.Hatchell@state.co.us(970) 381-3727
HydrographerScott EdmistonScott.Edmiston@state.co.us(303) 870-4202 
HydrographerDevin RidnourDevin.Ridnour@state.co.us(970) 630-2815
HydrographerZachary NovackZachary.Novack@state.co.us(303) 335-6901

This team ensures that the water rights priority system is followed, enforcing the decrees and water laws of the State of Colorado.  For help determining the water district needed, please see the Division 1 Water District Boundary Map

Water District(s)Job TitleFull NameE-Mail AddressBusiness PhoneAlternate Phone
District 1Lead Water Commissioner VACANTN/AN/AN/A
District 1Deputy Water CommissionerChris BarberChristopher.Barber@state.co.us(970) 520-8039N/A
District 1 Deputy Water CommissionerBenjamin EvansBenjamin.Evans@state.co.us(970) 381-6819N/A
District 1Deputy Water Commissioner / HydrographerVACANTN/AN/AN/A
District 2Lead Water CommissionerAlec HernandezAlec.Hernandez@state.co.us(970) 381-0828N/A
District 2Deputy Water CommissionerJeremy BurtonJeremy.Burton@state.co.us(970) 222-9266N/A
District 3Lead Water CommissionerMark SimpsonMark.Simpson@state.co.us(970) 420-9568(970) 352-8712
District 3Deputy Water CommissionerDavid BridgeDavid.Bridge@state.co.us(970) 381-3449N/A
District 4Lead Water CommissionerJean LeverJean.Lever@state.co.us(970) 290-7397(970) 352-8712
District 5Lead Water CommissionerShera SumerfordShera.Sumerford@state.co.us(303) 775-0840(970) 352-8712
Districts 6 & 7Tributary Operations CoordinatorJason SmithJason.Smith2@state.co.us(303) 947-3523(970) 352-8712
District 6Lead Water CommissionerVACANTN/AN/AN/A
Districts 6 & 7Deputy Water CommissionerCorey Williams    Corey.Williams@state.co.us(970) 518-2229N/A
District 7Lead Water CommissionerMichael WilliamsMichael.r.Williams@state.co.us(303) 947-3522N/A
District 7Deputy Water CommissionerVACANTN/AN/AN/A
District 8Lead Water CommissionerPaolo ClavijoPaolo.Clavijo@state.co.us(303) 489-3003(970) 352-8712
District 8Deputy Water CommissionerJacqueline IsaguirreJacqueline.Isaguirre@state.co.us(303) 968-0109 (970) 352-8712
Districts 9 & 80Lead Water CommissionerTim BuckleyTim.Buckley@state.co.us(303) 501-4298(970) 352-8712
District 23Lead Water CommissionerGarver BrownGarver.Brown@state.co.us(719) 836-2557N/A
District 23Deputy Water Commissioner & HydrographerJara JohnsonJara.Johnson@state.co.us(719) 838-0035(970) 352-8712
Districts 48 & 76Lead Water CommissionerAmy HohnholzAmy.Hohnholz@state.co.us(970) 815-1087(970) 352-8712
Districts 49 & 65Lead Water Commissioner (GW/SW) Chris KuceraChris.Kucera@state.co.us(970) 630-6573(970) 352-8712
Districts 49 & 65Deputy Water Commissioner (GW/SW) & HydrographerDevin RidnourDevin.Ridnour@state.co.us(970) 630-2815(970) 352-8712
District 64Lead Water CommissionerBruce PhillipsBruce.Phillips@state.co.us(970) 370-0296N/A