Division 6 Office

Yampa, White, and North Platte River Basins (Steamboat Springs)

Division 6 encompasses the Yampa, White, Green and North Platte River Basins. Our staff administers water rights, consults on water court cases, measures water flow, and maintains gaging stations and water records within these basins. Our staff continue to diligently work with water users to assure measuring devices are installed and installed properly, and assure records of water users are being maintained and provided to our office.

Many streams within Division 6 are considered "over-appropriated", meaning that not enough water exists during part of the year to satisfy the demand from water users and water rights. With the exception of the mainstem of the North Platte River, almost all of the North Platte River basin is considered over-appropriated. Within the White and Green River basin, various tributaries are considered over-appropriated. The middle and lower Yampa River was recently recognized as over-appropriate, making the entire Yampa River upstream of its confluence with the Little Snake River, over-appropriated.  


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