Division 3 Alamosa Contacts


Division 3 Main Office (Alamosa)

301 Murphy Drive
Alamosa, CO 81101
Phone: (719) 589-6683

Appointments & Walk-in Hours

Monte Vista Office (Water District 20)

905 3rd Avenue
Monte Vista, CO 81144
Phone: (719) 852-4351

Saguache Office (Districts 25, 26 & 27)

210 4th Street
Saguache, CO 81149
Phone: (719) 655-2039

This Section provides leadership to assist staff in meeting the division's public mission.

Job Title Full Name E-Mail Address Business Phone
Division Engineer Craig Cotten Craig.Cotten@state.co.us (719) 589-6683 Ext. 3108
Assistant Division Engineer Darin Schepp Darin.Schepp@state.co.us (719) 589-6683 Ext. 3115
Assistant Division Engineer - Water Measurement VACANT N/a (719) 589-6683
Staff Engineer Pat McDermott Pat.Mcdermott@state.co.us (719) 589-6683 Ext. 3126
Well Permit and Water Right Researcher Kevin Boyle Kevin.Boyle@state.co.us (719) 589-6683 Ext. 3119
Program Assistant Roberta Barela Roberta.Barela@state.co.us (719) 589-6683 Ext. 3101
Administrative Assistant Trina Rivera Trina.Rivera@state.co.us (719) 589-6683 Ext. 3120

This section assists with the administration of water by evaluating water use data and accounting to ensure that users operate in compliance with their water rights, decrees, administrative approvals and/or plans for augmentation.

Job Title Full Name E-Mail Address Business Phone
Subdistrict Coordinator Deborah Sarason Deborah.Sarason@state.co.us (719) 589-6683 Ext. 3131
Assistant Subdistrict Coordinator David Hofmann David.Hofmann@state.co.us (719) 589-6683 Ext. 3132
Water Accounting Operations Specialist Michelle Lanzoni Michelle.Lanzoni@state.co.us (719) 589-6683 Ext. 3133

This section consists of two units; the Design Review and Construction Inspection Unit and the Dam Safety Engineering Unit.  The two principal duties of the team are to determine the safe storage level of the reservoir dams in the state and to approve the plans and specifications for the construction and repair of Jurisdictional dams. 

Job Title Full Name E-Mail Address Business Phone
Dam Safety Engineer Mark Perry Mark.Perry@state.co.us (719) 250-5606
Dam Safety Engineer Matt Gavin Matt.Gavin@state.co.us (970) 317-4147

This section conducts compact and rules compliance inspections, field investigations and groundwater well inventories

Job Title Full Name E-Mail Address Business Phone Alternate Phone
Well Metering Technician II Steve Rivera Steve.Rivera@state.co.us (719) 589-6683 Ext. 3125 (719) 849-9818
Well Metering Technician II James Stephenson James.A.Stephenson@state.co.us (719) 849-9819 N/A
Well Metering Technician I Michael Monclova Michael.Monclova@state.co.us (719) 849-9826 N/A
Well Metering Technician I Christy Kesselring Christy.Kesselring@state.co.us (719) 619-7378    

This section provides real-time gauging station data for lakes, reservoirs, ponds, rivers, streams and canals throughout Colorado and published stream flow data. 

Job Title Full Name E-Mail Address Business Phone
Lead Hydrographer Jesse Jaminet Jesse.Jaminet@state.co.us (719) 588-7870
Senior Hydrographer Geoff Warden Geoff.Warden@state.co.us (719) 588-0476
Hydrographer Kirk Groves Kirk.Groves@state.co.us (719) 588-3706 
Hydrographer Catherine Hunt Catherine.Hunt@state.co.us (719) 588-5913
Hydrographer Matt Schiff Matt.Schiff@state.co.us (719) 588-0231

This team ensures that the water rights priority system is followed, enforcing the decrees and water laws of the State of Colorado.  For help determining the water district needed, please see the Division 3 Water District Boundary Map

Water District(s) Job Title Full Name E-Mail Address Business Phone Alternate Phone
District 20 Water Commissioner Sam Riggenbach Sam.Riggenbach@state.co.us (719) 588-3704 (719) 852-4351
District 20 Deputy Water Commissioner Luis Heredia Luis.Heredia@state.co.us (719) 588-3705 (719) 852-4351
District 20 Deputy Water Commissioner Wayne Peck Wayne.Peck@state.co.us (719) 588-3703 (719) 852-4351
District 21 Water Commissioner Rachel Rilling Rachel.Rilling@state.co.us (719) 588-3702 N/A
District 21 Deputy Water Commissioner Jared De Priest Jared.Depriest@state.co.us (719) 619-8272 N/A
Districts 22 & 24 Water Commissioner Tom Stewart Tom.Stewart@state.co.us (719) 619-8048 N/A
Districts 22 & 24 Water Commissioner Aaron Holman Aaron.Holman@state.co.us (719) 937-1877  N/A
Districts 22 & 24 Deputy Water Commissioner Travis Robinson Travis.Robinson@state.co.us (719) 619-9239 N/A
Districts 25, 26 & 27 Lead Water Commissioner Tom Torrez Thomas.Torrez@state.co.us (719) 588-3701 (719) 655-2039
Districts 25, 26 & 27 Deputy Water Commissioner Robert Soloman Mondragon Robert.Mondragon@state.co.us (719) 619-9099 (719) 655-2039
District 35 Water Commissioner Lanny McDonald Lanny.Mcdonald@state.co.us (719) 588-0007 N/A

This section processes and evaluates exempt well permit applications and provides technical support for water availability options to government agencies, the public and water resources staff.

Job Title Full Name E-Mail Address Business Phone
 Well Commissioner Kip Canty Kip.Canty@state.co.us (719) 589-6683 Ext. 3105

This section provides support to the Board of Examiners (BOE) and DWR Staff including complaint investigation, rules enforcement and education, verification of proper construction, plugging and abandonment of wells. The BOE has supervision and authority over the construction and abandonment of wells and the installation of pumping equipment, revision of rules, and contractor licensing. Well Inspection includes protection of the ground water resources and public health through enforcement of minimum well construction and pump installation standards.  

Job Title Full Name E-Mail Address Business Phone
Well Inspector Larry Hakes Larry.Hakes@state.co.us (719) 588-8142