Division 7 Durango Contacts


Division 7 Main Office (Durango)

160 Rockpoint Drive, Suite E
Durango, CO 81301
Phone: (970) 247-1845

Appointments & Walk-in Hours

Cortez Office
(Water Districts 32, 34, 69, & 71)


60 Cactus Street
Cortez, CO 81321
Phone: (970) 565-0694

Pagosa Springs Office
(Water District 29, 77 & 78)

P.O. Box 3604
Pagosa Springs, CO 81147
Phone: (970) 731-2931

This Section provides leadership to assist staff in meeting the division's public mission.

Job Title Full Name E-Mail Address Business Phone
Division Engineer Robert Genualdi Robert.Genualdi@state.co.us (970) 247-1845 Ext. 7007
Assistant Division Engineer John Simpson John.Simpson@state.co.us (970) 247-1845 Ext. 7002
River & Reservoir Operations/Augmentation Coordinator Corey Beaugh Corey.Beaugh@state.co.us (970) 946-0053
Program Assistant Shari Titus Shari.Titus@state.co.us (970) 247-1845 Ext. 7010

This section consists of two units; the Design Review and Construction Inspection Unit and the Dam Safety Engineering Unit.  The two principal duties of the team are to determine the safe storage level of the reservoir dams in the state and to approve the plans and specifications for the construction and repair of Jurisdictional dams. 

Job Title Full Name E-Mail Address Business Phone
Dam Safety Engineer Matt Gavin Matt.Gavin@state.co.us (970) 317-4147

This section provides real-time gauging station data for lakes, reservoirs, ponds, rivers, streams and canals throughout Colorado and published stream flow data. 

Job Title Full Name E-Mail Address Business Phone
Hydrographer Brian Boughton Brian.Boughton@state.co.us (970) 769-1640
Hydrographer Brian Leavesley Brian.Leavesley@state.co.us (970) 749-0373

This team ensures that the water rights priority system is followed, enforcing the decrees and water laws of the State of Colorado.  For help determining the water district needed, please see the Division 7 Water District Boundary Map.

Water District(s)Job TitleFull NameE-Mail AddressBusiness PhoneAlternate Phone
District 29Water CommissionerRich ValdezRich.Valdez@state.co.us(970) 769-2931(970) 731-2931
District 29 & 78Water CommissionerBecky GuilliamsRebecca.Guilliams@state.co.us(970) 946-9943N/A
District 30 (Florida River Basin)Water CommissionerTom FiddlerTom.Fiddler@state.co.us(970) 769-1930N/A
District 30 (Animas River Basin)Water & Well CommissionerJeff TitusJeff.Titus@state.co.us(970) 739-6520N/A
Districts 30 & 33Deputy Water CommissionerShannon ManfrediShannon.Manfredi@state.co.us(970) 508-0383N/A
Districts 31 & 46Water CommissionerWarren GabbertWarren.Gabbert@state.co.us(970) 769-1928N/A
District 32Water CommissionerMarty RobbinsMarty.Robbins@state.co.us(970) 769-1927N/A
District 33Water CommissionerJason MorrowJason.Morrow@state.co.us(970) 749-7913N/A
District 34Water CommissionerJustin CatalanoJustin.Catalano@state.co.us(970) 946-9790N/A
Districts 71 & 69Water CommissionerRussell CrangleRussell.Crangle@state.co.us(970) 403-6440N/A
District 77Water CommissionerCraig DollarCraig.Dollar@state.co.us(970) 907-9958N/A