Notification Lists

Email Notifications

The Division of Water Resources (DWR) hosts an Online Notification Lists Tool within the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Portal.  The system allows subscribers the ability to self manage their account and settings for email notifications offered by the Department of Natural Resources.  Simply select the topics of interest that you would like to receive email notification for, by clicking the appropriate check-boxes.  Emails are provided to subscribers only when relevant new information is posted on their selected topic(s).  Therefore, for some notification selections, a subscriber may not receive any emails, except for sign-up confirmation, for some time. 


Designated Basins Publications Notification

This notification list is made available to the public as a service of the Colorado Ground Water Commission to provide updates to water users concerning notices legally required to be published pursuant to section 37-90-112, C.R.S. Alerts published on this list in no way substitute for official publication as required under the law and an error or omission concerning any particular notice on this list does not constitute an implied failure of notice by the Commission, State Engineer, or their Staff. This list should not be used as a substitute for official notification as required under the law. Users must view the official notification as published in the identified newspaper for formal legal publication and objection requirements.



New Users:

Click the Register button for DWR or DNR Email Notifications to register for an account if you are a first time user.  Upon initial account set-up, you will be emailed a temporary password, which you will be prompted to reset.  Once you have successfully changed your password, you can update your contact information, as well as add or remove yourself from any notification list by checking off the box for the topic you would like to receive emails on.


Existing Users:

Click the button to Login / Manage DWR Email Notifications to make any changes to your account if you are an existing customer.