GIS & Maps

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) & Mapping

The GIS team provides support for various groups at DWR including Dam Safety, Hydrogeology, Well Permitting/Metering and Modeling.  The team also supports field data and desktop applications used both by staff and the public.  DWR also provides GIS data for download, which is available on our Colorado Decision Support Systems (CDSS) website.  Since 2009, DWR has been the official steward of the National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) and has provided technical assistance to the USGS involving revisions and content affecting the NHD in Colorado.

Map Viewers

DWR’s Map Viewer is a publicly available mapping tool useful for visualizing hydrographic data in Colorado.  With over 100 unique datasets related to water administration, conservation and modeling, the Map Viewer platform is a comprehensive application for water related research.  See the Important Links section below to view layer lists, FAQs and tutorials related to the Map Viewer platform.

Important Links