Well Permitting

A well with an old wrought iron hand pump filling a large steel basin with water in a shaded field in Pleasant Park


The Division of Water Resources (DWR) has several types of well permit application forms to assist with obtaining a permit to construct a new or replacement well, or to register an existing well.  Additionally, for some Groundwater Basins and River Basins, special Use and Measurement Rules apply. These rules are available under Services, Well Metering subpages in the top navigation.

Find an Existing Well Permit

Information on all registered well permits can be found through our Well Permit Search Tool and our Map Viewer Tools that are linked on this page. The well permit file will contain the allowable uses of the well, the original permit application, and any available well construction and pump installation records. 



Home Buyers and Real Estate Professionals

Important water information for real estate transactions in this video and fact sheet.  Also, check out the longer video, Intro to Water Administration, Well Permits, and Water Rights in the links section.  

Wells in Denver Basins

If the well is located in the Denver Basin, additional rules may apply. These rules are available at the bottom of this page. 

Wells in Designated Basins

If the well is located in a Designated Basin, additional rules may apply. These rules are available at the bottom of this page.


Denver Basin

Well Permitting in Denver Basin Areas

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Designated Basins

Well Permitting in Designated Basin Areas

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Apply for a New Well Permit

Please see the new Beginner's Guide to Well Permits for information on the well permit application process and application types.  Then, use the Applications eForms Dashboard link to access well permitting forms and complete the appropriate application.  The Division of Water Resources accepts applications by email, and associated fees can be paid online.  See Important Links below for information on permitting fees and the submittal process.

Permit Processing and Requests for Emergency Well Permit Approval

DWR reviews new and replacement well permit applications in the order they are received, and review of complete applications may take up to 49 days. DWR will act upon emergency requests for well permit approval for some replacement well situations, some location changes, and some changes in source/aquifer. See the document, Emergency Well Permit Procedures below for additional information.


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Important Documents


Well Permitting Rulemaking  

The Rulemaking for Statewide Nontributary Groundwater (2 CCR 402-7) has been terminated, effective 4/15/2021.  Please view the documents describing the reason for termination.

Secretary of State Notice regarding Rulemaking Termination & Additional details regarding Termination of Rulemaking

This webpage will be updated when a future Rulemaking has been rescheduled.



Well Permitting Rules & Regulations

   Final Rules

    Produced Nontributary Petitions