Division 6 Steamboat Springs Contacts

Division 6 Main Office (Steamboat Springs)

P.O. Box 773450 with Zip: 80477 (mailing)

505 Anglers Drive, Suite 101 (physical)
Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

Phone: (970) 879-0272

Craig Office (Water District 44)



437 Yampa Ave.
Craig, CO 81625
Phone: (970) 826-0810

This Section provides leadership to assist staff in meeting the division's public mission.

Job Title Full Name E-Mail Address Business Phone
Division Engineer Erin Light Erin.Light@state.co.us (970) 879-0272
Lead Water Administrator Brian Romig Brian.Romig@state.co.us (970) 846-0036
Engineering Technician Sonja Macys Sonja.Macys@state.co.us (970) 879-0272 Ext. 6410

This section consists of two units; the Design Review and Construction Inspection Unit and the Dam Safety Engineering Unit.  The two principal duties of the team are to determine the safe storage level of the reservoir dams in the state and to approve the plans and specifications for the construction and repair of Jurisdictional dams. 

Job Title Full Name E-Mail Address Business Phone
Dam Safety Engineer Dana Miller Dana.Miller@state.co.us (719) 221-1227
Dam Safety Engineer Jackie Blumberg Jackie.Blumberg@state.co.us (303) 505-6469

This section provides real-time gauging station data for lakes, reservoirs, ponds, rivers, streams and canals throughout Colorado and published stream flow data. 

Job Title Full Name E-Mail Address Business Phone
Hydrographer, Water Resources Engineer William Summers William.Summers@state.co.us

(970) 879-0272 Ext. 6411

This team ensures that the water rights priority system is followed, enforcing the decrees and water laws of the State of Colorado.  For help determining the water district needed, please see the Division 6 Water District Boundary Map.  

Water District(s) Job Title Full Name E-Mail Address Business Phone
District 43 - White River Water Commissioner Shanna Lewis Shanna.Lewis@state.co.us (970) 439-8008
District 43 - White River Deputy Water Commissioner Vacant (Contact Shanna Lewis) Shanna.Lewis@state.co.us (970) 439-8008
District 44 Water Commissioner Sarah Myers Sarah.Myers@state.co.us (970) 819-1619
District 47 Water Commissioner Soraya Baroumand Soraya.Baroumand@state.co.us (970) 819-4898
District 47 Deputy Water Commissioner Vacant (Contact Soraya Baroumand) Soraya.Baroumand@state.co.us (970) 819-4898
District 54, 55, & 56 Water Commissioner Vacant (Contact Sarah Myers) Sarah.Myers@state.co.us (970) 819-1619
District 57 & 58 Water Commissioner Brian Romig Brian.Romig@state.co.us (970) 846-0036
District 58 Water Commissioner Scott Hummer Scott.Hummer@state.co.us (970) 875-4146
District 58 Water Commissioner Luke Fitzgerald Luke.Fitzgerald@state.co.us (970) 875-4123