Division 1 Office

South Platte River Basin (Greeley)

Division 1 includes the South Platte River basin, Republican River basin, and Laramie River basin.  Staff administer water rights for water users, measure water flow and maintain gaging stations, ensure interstate compact and agreement compliance, inspect dams to determine safe water storage levels, and maintain water records within these basins.

The basins are overappropriated and its water users and their demands are diverse with many irrigation season water rights junior to late circa 1890’s being out of priority and curtailed.  With the growing demand by municipal and industrial water users,  recreational users, critical environmental needs, and maintaining the demand of the historic agricultural users while meeting the needs of the many other types of water users in the South Platte Basin, water administration is complex and ever changing with the mission of the Division of Water Resources to ensure maximization of a limited resource in accordance with the doctrine of prior appropriation.

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The South Platte River Summary is published monthly to provide streamflow and reservoir level summaries for gauges along the South Platte. See our Current Streamflows page for real-time streamflow and reservoir levels by structure.  Below are the monthly summary reports available for viewing and download.