Land Divisions & Water Supply

The Division of Water Resources (DWR) reviews water supply proposals received from county permitting staff, for land use permits including subdivisions. Documents from this process are available in DWR's Imaged Documents (Laserfiche Weblink) in the Referrals template.

County Subdivision Referrals

On May 5, 1972, legislation was enacted which mandated that counties adopt subdivision regulations requiring developers to provide data, studies, and analyses for their proposed subdivision of land. The studies were to include, among other items, adequate evidence that a water supply was available and that the quality, quantity, and dependability was sufficient. This information is referred by the counties to DWR, and in response, DWR is required to review the water supply information and issue an opinion regarding injury to other vested water rights and the adequacy of the water supply.  

Water Supply Reviews for Projects Other than Subdivisions

DWR also reviews water supply referrals sent from county land use staff during the county‚Äôs permitting processes, such as Special Use Permits and Subdivision Exemptions.  DWR reviews the information for any impacts related to water supply and well permitting and provides a written comment letter.

Water Supply Requests from Private Parties

DWR responds to written requests from counties and some other agencies to review the water supply for projects during the permit process.  DWR answers general water supply and permitting questions via phone and AskDWR. For general water supply/well permitting questions submitted via AskDWR, you may complete and attach form GWS-76, Water Supply Information Summary, to enable DWR to provide a more detailed response to the question.  DWR often receives requests from individuals to confirm that a well permit can be issued for a particular parcel.  DWR cannot confirm that a particular well permit will be issued without completing an evaluation in accordance with the applicable Colorado Revised Statutes.  In order to perform and complete an evaluation, DWR must receive an application and filing fee for a well permit.  DWR cannot guarantee the issuance of any well permit prior to completing a full evaluation. If the evaluation confirms that a permit can be issued, DWR will respond to the application by issuing a well permit.

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