Division 4 Montrose Contacts


Division 4 Main Office (Montrose)

1541 Oxbow Drive, Suite 1625 
Montrose, CO 81401

Phone: (970) 249-6622

Appointments & Walk-in Hours

Cedaredge Office
(Water District 40)

980 W. Main Street
Cedaredge, CO 81413

Phone: (970) 856-3527

This Section provides leadership to assist staff in meeting the division's public mission.

Job TitleFull NameE-Mail AddressBusiness PhoneAlternate Phone
Division EngineerBob HurfordBob.Hurford@state.co.us(970) 249-6622 Ext. 4103(970) 975-0225
Assistant Division EngineerEvan JonesEvan.w.Jones@state.co.us(970) 249-6622 Ext. 4102(970) 901-8354
Program AssistantHeather CantrellHeather.Cantrell@state.co.us(970) 249-6622 Ext. 4100N/A

This section consists of two units; the Design Review and Construction Inspection Unit and the Dam Safety Engineering Unit.  The two principal duties of the team are to determine the safe storage level of the reservoir dams in the state and to approve the plans and specifications for the construction and repair of Jurisdictional dams. 

Job TitleFull NameE-Mail AddressBusiness Phone
Dam Safety EngineerJason WardJason.Ward@state.co.us(970) 209-1624
Dam Safety EngineerJackie BlumbergJackie.Blumberg@state.co.us(303) 505-6469
Dam Safety EngineerMatt WeisbrodMatt.Weisbrod@state.co.us(970) 404-6932

This section provides customer service to the public related to well permitting and evaluates exempt well permit applications.

Job Title Full Name E-Mail Address Business Phone
Well Commissioner & Augmentation Coordinator Greg Powers Gregory.Powers@state.co.us (970) 249-6622 Ext. 4109

This section provides real-time gauging station data for lakes, reservoirs, ponds, rivers, streams and canals throughout Colorado and published stream flow data. 

Job Title Full Name E-Mail Address Business Phone
Senior Hydrographer Josh Kasper Joshua.Kasper@state.co.us (970) 975-0350

This team ensures that the water rights priority system is followed, enforcing the decrees and water laws of the State of Colorado.  For help determining the water district needed, please see the Division 4 Water District Boundary Map

Water District(s)Job TitleFull NameE-Mail AddressBusiness PhoneAlternate Phone
District 28 - Tomichi CreekWater CommissionerJack BrazinskyJack.Brazinsky@state.co.us(970) 964-7947N/A
District 40- CedaredgeLead Water CommissionerJames HolimanJames.Holiman@state.co.us(970) 640-3656(970) 856-3527
District 40- Dirty GeorgeWater CommissionerAaron WagnerAaron.Wagner@state.co.us(970) 234-9193(970) 856-3527
District 40- Surface CreekWater CommissionerDan ToothakerDaniel.Toothaker@state.co.us(970) 234-7164(970) 856-3527
District 40- Grand Mesa ReservoirsWater CommissionerMichael KeuneMichael.Keune@state.co.us(970) 856-3527N/A
District 40- Grand Mesa ReservoirsWater CommissionerGreg GlickGreg.Glick@state.co.us(970) 856-3527 N/A
District 40- Grand Mesa ReservoirsWater CommissionerDeven GutierrezDeven.Gutierrez@state.co.us(970) 856-3527N/A
District 40 - North ForkLead Water CommissionerLuke M. ReschkeLuke.Reschke@state.co.us(970) 234-4922(970) 872-2286
District 40- Leroux CreekWater CommissionerWyatt WilsonWyatt.Wilson@state.co.us(970) 975-0178N/A
District 40 - Muddy CreekWater CommissionerDoug ChristnerDouglas.Christner@state.co.us(970) 596-0276N/A
District 40- CrawfordWater CommissionerLuke A ReschkeLukeA.Reschke@state.co.us(970) 234-7733N/A
District 40- Dry CreekWater CommissionerLawrence MacKendrickLawrence.Mackendrick@state.co.us(970) 964-8662 N/A
District 41 - Lower Uncompahgre & District 62 - Cimarron River & Blue CreekWater CommissionerScott KingScott.King@state.co.us(970) 975-0026N/A
District 42 - Kannah Creek, East Creek & Gunnison River (Mesa County)Water CommissionerJason FullerJason.Fuller@state.co.us(970) 260-4466N/A
District 59 - Gunnison River North (East & Taylor Rivers)Lead Water CommissionerTom RozmanThomas.Rozman@state.co.us(970) 209-2747N/A
District 59 - Ohio Creek, Steuben Creek, & Beaver CreekWater CommissionerPerry AndersonPerry.Anderson@state.co.us(970) 209-3104N/A
District 60 - San Miguel RiverLead Water CommissionerMark RagsdaleMark.Ragsdale@state.co.us(970) 975-0051(970) 327-4938
District 60 - Upper San Miguel RiverWater CommissionerSandy RagsdaleSandy.Ragsdale@state.co.us(970) 975-0022(970) 327-4938
District 61 - Paradox ValleyWater CommissionerHeather HarrisHeather.Harris@state.co.us(970) 417-5811N/A
District 62 - Lake Fork Gunnison River & Cebolla CreekWater CommissionerTravis GilbertsonTravis.Gilbertson@state.co.us(970) 596-0413N/A
Districts 63 & 73 - Lower Dolores, Little Dolores, & West CreekWater CommissionerThomas K BrighamTom.Brigham@state.co.us(970) 209-7344(970) 464-5474
District 68 - Ouray CountyWater CommissionerEric WeigEric.Weig@state.co.us(970) 975-0066(970) 249-6622 Ext. 4107