Imaged Documents

Laserfiche Weblink Electronic Documents

The Division of Water Resources uses Laserfiche Weblink to electronically store permanent records, making them available to the public online.  Many of the data search tools through CDSS and Map Viewer automatically link to associated documents in search results.  However, additional document templates are available directly through Laserfiche Weblink.  Before getting started, review the Available Records and Research Guide.  Also see Laserfiche Weblink Technical Guidance, which explains how to set your Template Search Screen.

Electronic documents, in their original form, may contain errors that are later corrected in our database, known as Hydrobase.  Therefore, the Division of Water Resources provides records and data on an as-is basis, without warranty of any kind, either express or implied, and the user agrees to indemnify and hold harmless DWR from any liability arising from the use of the content of these documents for any and all purposes.

Paper Document Digitization (State Archives)

The Records Team manages digitization efforts of historic paper records to make them publicly available in Laserfiche Weblink.  Many of these paper documents are currently in custody of Colorado State Archives and may be over 100 years in age.  To learn more about paper records available in Colorado State Archives, search Laserfiche Weblink, within the State Archives Inventory List Template.  If records of interest are located, contact Colorado State Archives to make a request to review them.  

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Requesting Certified Records

A request for records certification is a special kind of request that can be made via an Email to the Records Manager of the Main DWR Office.  Requests of this nature are occasionally made when there is matter in a court or legal proceeding, and parties wish to have a statement from DWR regarding the authenticity of the records.  The DWR Records Manager/Custodian determines which records can be electronically certified.  

When the request is fulfilled by DWR Staff, the Certification letter, along with electronic records being certified, are e-mailed to the requestor as a Zipped File, shared through a link to a Google Drive Folder.  Anyone given the link can view the file(s) for 90 days to download the letter and electronically certified records.