Division 1 Use & Measurement Rules

Republican River Groundwater Measurement Rules

The Republican River Groundwater Measurement Rules were amended, effective November 15, 2015 (as adopted by the State Engineer on September 16, 2015). The amended rules are titled, "The Rules and Regulations Governing The Measurement Of Ground Water Diversions Affecting The Republican River Compact, Within Water Division No. 1" (Rules).  The Amended Rules included changes from the previous rules, which include, but not limited to, the following:  1) Modify the inclusion boundary to incorporate wells affecting the Republican River Compact, primarily extending the Rules inclusion boundary south to the southern boundary of Kit Carson County, including additional wells located in the southern portions of the Plains Ground Water Management District, and a small portion of the central western boundary near Akron, CO; and 2) Provide standards regarding the minimum accuracy and application of the Power Conversion Coefficient (PCC) as an alternate method of measurement; and 3) Include additional definitions and language to help clarify the Rules.





South Platte Use & Measurement Rules

The South Platte River Basin Ground Water Measurement Rules signed by the State Engineer on March 15, 2013 became effective December 31, 2013. The rules are titled, "Rules Governing The Measurement Of Tributary Ground Water Diversions By Wells Located In The South Platte River Basin Within Water Division No. 1." (Rules).  The Rules govern the measurement of tributary ground water wells within the South Platte River Basin to assist with administration and compliance with the Water Rights Determination and Administration Act of 1969, the 1974 Amended South Platte River Rules, the South Platte River Compact, the decrees of the Division 1 Water Court, and other applicable laws.